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Challenge No.4 – the end

February 21, 2010

So this weeks challenge went a little different from what I had in mind. I’m not sure if I was intimidated by Muchas Art or if I just had some bad days, but it was not until thursday when I finally took the pencil in my hand.

What did I do?

While looking through the two art books with Mucha Art I picked some elements out that I wanted to copy.

I started with two borders.


And then went to some other ornaments that caught my eyes.



I really like how he creates backgrounds, so I copied one of those as well.


Yesterday I tried to adopt his style to my own art. Originally I had planned to draw a real Muchaesque woman with lots of ornaments and borders… but I couldn’t get myself to it, so I only did a little card for my grandmothers birthday next week – as she loves cactuses I chose the „Queen of the night“ as the theme.

Queen of the Night

What did I learn?

A lot.

First of all – don’t forget to take a break. Last weeks challenge took a lot of energy from me and I should have allowed myself to take a break instead of having a bad conscience for half a week.

Also, Art Nouveau is absolutely beautiful… but needs a lot of PATIENCE! All those little drawings took forever which at a certain point is a very valuable experience. There was a lot of Flow involved while drawing.

However, you should probably revise the basics of geometry if you want to create Art Nouveau. I didn’t and as a result I had some moments of utter frustration when something didn’t work out. For example I wanted semi-circles around the flower, but obviously used the wrong radius… so in the end there was a gap left.


And a final note: Audio books are the best companions for this kind of detailed work. ♥


I still love Art Nouveau and I think after this challenge I admire Alfons Mucha even more. But it takes time and a lot of patience, which I don’t always have.

However it’s worth all the effort, don’t you think?

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