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Challenge No.5 – the end

March 2, 2010

This challenge ended with very valuable insight in my working preferences and I’m glad I took it despite the alternative schedule.

What did I do?

Tuesday – day 1:

Everything started fine. I woke up early and was at my desk approx. at 8 o’clock. Worked for three hours and didn’t notice any difference in my working habbit. However after a break and a walk, I decided to rearrange my room which took longer than the two hours I had scheduled as a break. Later in the afternoon I managed to work for three hours again and even though I ‘only’ worked for 6 hours instead of 8, I was content with my achievement for the day. I  had done some major planing for a huge project with lots of sketches etc. and this watercolour painting:


Wednesday – day 2:

I woke up later than I had planned, couldn’t start at 8 and although I tried I couldn’t get myself to do anything. Had a minor breakdown. I think the fact that I had an appointment in the evening and one scheduled for Thursday morning managed to blockade me. I could feel the pressure of  “but you have to get 8 hours of work into this day” in my mind and finally decided to start my „weekend“ instead of forcing me to draw.

Thursday – day 3:

Thursday was meant to be my „Sunday“ – however in the afternoon I was able to work for a couple of  hours and at the end of the day I was really looking forward to the next days.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday – day 4-7

I gave up on a tight daily routine and got back on working at my own pace. I was very productive with my „fairy tale“ project and probably spent more than 40 hours on it. I plan to do a series of fairy tale girls in Art Nouveau style and started with “Rapunzel”.


Through trail and error I found out how to get the geometrical outcome I was looking for.

geometrical enlightenment


Aditionally I wroked on a design for my upcoming website…

design 1.0

Before starting the process of coloration I did some color sketches:

color sketch


Coloring is taking forever, I’ve never allowed myself that much time to work on a painting + I never had that patience before.


Today is actually day 8 … but I think I can show you the current state nonetheless:

state from this evening

Still not finished, will need another day, I guess.


I am the most productive when working with projects. I also really value the freedom of taking a break when I really need it, start a day with a walk and not at the desk and so on. I need this freedom to get really productive.

However, the challenge gave me the possibility to experience patience. Normally I am not patient with my art, but with a certain number of hours instead of a certain finished step to achieve, I automatically allowed myself to take more time for the steps. Very interesting outcome.

My next challenge will start on Monday, 8th of March. I can’t wait, because this time I’m already 100% sure of what I’ll challenge myself with. Stay tuned!

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