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Challenge No.8 – the end

March 28, 2010

Compared to last week’s unproductivity this challenge was well chosen, because it was a lot of fun and still… something new and challenging.

What did I do?

On Tuesday I bought a special paper to use for acrylic paint with a linen texture and was very excited about trying it out.

On Wednesday I did the sketch and while sketching I came up with the idea to paint “Julia” from Shakespeare, based loosely on a photo of Keira Kneightly.


I also had a reference for the hand posture, which I had wanted to use for a long time. Originally I had planned to fill out all the paper but as I felt quite insecure about my abilities with the paint, I decided to concentrate on the character instead and therefore changed the format.

I started with a dark background and than added a first layer of paint to her skin.

background first

I really had no idea where this would end. What definitely helped was the certainty that I could paint over the colours any time. Something that is almost not possible while using watercolors which still is my standard.

Carefully I added some first shadows.


To me, these steps of the painting process look really messy. I guess that’s the difference to watercolours where you have to decide about the form before you start adding colour, while here you develop the form while painting.

painting hair

I really like the result though.



This challenge gave me a new perspective for my art. I really like how this painting turned out and how much I enjoyed the painting process.

I realised however that I definitely have major gaps when it comes to the basics. Even though I likeĀ  what I did, I had something a little different in my mind and my goal is definitely to one day be able to really paint the pictures I see in my head. And for that I need to learn more about … everything.

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