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Challenge No.9 – the end

April 4, 2010

This weeks challenge was about „Learning from tutorials“. I have more than 20 of them on my harddrive and managed to work with 3 this week. It’s a start.

What did I do?

The tutorials I used were all about special techniques you could use with Photoshop.

1- smooth lineart tutorial by Abuze

I finally was able to try out a simple way to get a smooth lineart in Photoshop. I had no idea how to get that kind of lineart until I found this tutorial and I’m very happy with the outcome.

On the left is how my linearts used to look like and on the right with the new technique.

I think I’ve learned something that I will use from now on a lot.

2- Colouring tutorial by Vyrl

With this lineart I was able to use a tutorial from one of my favourite artists at DeviantArt supplied. Her colouring style is unique and very different from what I have done before. So I was really curious. And what shall I say? It was an eye opener. Really, I’d never found out by myself how to do it but I really like the effect you can generate with this technique. It’s also faster than my usual approach.


3- simple-watercolour tutorial by Kidchan (it’s currently not online)

And finally I always wanted to try out this „fake-watercolour“ tutorial and this was also very enlightening although I think I didn’t really understood what I was supposed to do. I guess you need a very clear idea of the desired result in your mind. But at this point I just played around a little with a pencil sketch I did a week ago. Doesn’t look like real watercolour, but has a nice effect nonetheless. I might get back to it one day.


Tutorials really can bring you to a new level.

Beside all the technical tricks however I realised once again that the sketch and the idea behind the art is always the most important part. You need more than a good software to create beautiful art. Improving my basic skills will improve my art more than anything. So I should start working harder in that area.

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