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Challenge No.10 – the end

April 18, 2010

No more extensions, I’ve finally finished this challenge!

What did I do?

First, I had to discover what kind of art I was aiming for in the future. Looking at Art on Deviant Art and from artists I admire like John Howe helped to figure out what I wanted for my personal art.

I came up with a list of things I wanted to master, like: perspective and architecture, light and shadow, beautiful  landscapes, emotions etc. All these are necessary for the art I admire the most and want to create by myself, however to combine them all in one painting for this particular challenge turned out to be too big a challenge for me. I let my inspiration take over from here.

In the first week I did some sketches and finally came up with the idea for an illustration of „The lady of the lake“.


I tried to really use the sketches in the process of developing the idea of the painting.

second sketch

last sketch

I used google search to find photos of lakes to get an idea for the right atmosphere.

I usually never take that much time to create a painting. However I could feel that it had a positive influence on the creation process.

It took some days until I found the courage to start painting.

first layer

I have no idea how many layers of watercolour I actually used on this painting. It was a very valueable experience, because I usually only use three or so…  and for the first time I understood that there is practically no limit to the layers.

more layers


The last time-consuming part was to create a border around the portrait. That’s usually the part where I don’t have any patience left and choose the quickest solution. This time however, I tried to take the time to figure out how celtic knots work… which hurt my brain… but looks pretty.

celtic knot

And this is what I am capable of (for now):

Lady of the Lake (click to enlarge)


It was a great challenge for me which brought new insight of what I need to learn, how I can stay patient in the creation process, and also technically.

However, I find it rather depressing how difficult it is for me to value what I did. It seems it is never enough. No painting I do will ever satisfy me. I probably need to accept that.

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  1. April 19, 2010 5:59 am

    Dear B. Luise K.
    Thanks for the courageous veiw into your artistc creation process.
    Great to stress the importance of keeping a concentrated and focused mind in all aspects of art ( and life)!

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