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more layers and a bit of frustration

June 13, 2010

This week was much more busy than expected. As a result I was not able to make progress with my new project wich I had planed to introduce here today. Hopefully I find the time next week.

Nevertheless the week was productive and I did count the layers I put atop my canvas.

This week I went from Layer No. 5…

to Layer No. 13 !

Please keep in mind that those are bad photos, the original is more detailed.

I also struggled with the fanart I was so excited about last week. I had a major breakthrough concerning brushes in Photoshop, but then failed on a more essential level. As a result the piece lost all of the expression I wanted it to transfer and I think I might take a break with it.

Seregil WIP

Sometimes I fear I’ll never manage digital art. But I really want to. It’s amazing what one can do with a tablet and the right software. Well, and the basic knowledge. And endless time + patience.

Oh well.

I’m still happy that I’m quite productive at the moment, with various media. I hope it will last.

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