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June 27, 2010

I did finish two paintings this week – that’s the good news. However, as a result I feel quite exhausted, creativewise. I might need to take a step back to allow new ideas and energy to develop.

Anyway, after layer 23(!!) the second oil painting of my series is finished:

The major step this week was this one:


I’m quite happy with the outcome although I find it difficult to be content after working on it for more than three weeks.

The other painting this week is a fanart for Lynn Flewelling, author of the Nightrunners-series. She is planning on doing a chapbook with new stories and asked for fanart as illustrations. The deadline originally was the end of june, however it was extented so there was no need to hurry, but I finished it anyway. Sometimes I need to finish a painting  before I can start with new ones.

The scene was described as: rainy palace garden (Seregil, miserable but polite and Nysander, surprised to find magic in S., kind & interested)


The most important part for me is getting the faces right, with the emotions I want to express.

most important step

This is also the most creative part of my drawing process. After that it’s just work. It took me forever to get all the details right in the background.

finished lineart

As the book will be published in black and white only, I decided to try a monochrome watercolour, because just taking out the colour of a painting will not have the same effect. However, it was extremely difficult to get it right and I’m not entirely sure I succeeded.


Eventually I did finish it:

I really like the flowers in the front. 🙂

I hope I’ll be able to refresh my creativity soon, because I do have some plans for July!!

Nysander is surprised to see magic in young Seregil, and feels interested and kind toward him. Seregil, currently a court junior scribe, is miserable but polite.
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