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Update: Fairy Tale illustrations

August 15, 2010

My goal for this week was to create two illustrations for the fairy tale collection and I’m very happy that for once I’ve been able to attain my goal.

The process of creation was different for each of them. For the first one it took days to decide on one scene to illustrate and even more days to develop a fitting composition. Sometimes it’s just there and sometimes I have to do endless sketching until I come up with something I can work with.


more sketches

The scene I chose was rather complex with three characters and lots of details, however by chosing this scene I proved that I’m not making it easy for me, which is good to know. It can happen  fast and unnoticed.

After doing those thumbnail sketching I create the actual drawing detail by detail on the illustration board.


I started to work in a larger format to get more details in my illustrations and although it takes a lot more time to finish one illustration, I am more satisfied with the outcome.

starting to paint

And this is the first one:

For the second one I knew almost right from the start what scene I wanted to illustrate.



Because of some details I flipped the composition, but that was easily done. The whole painting with sketching and painting took only two days while I worked on the other one for almost a week.

Besides these illustrations I worked on my calendar project, which still has to remain secret I’m afraid. I’m not quite sure what the next week will be about, depends on inspiration, demand and time. We’ll see!

Have a nice Sunday evening and thanks for stopping by!

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